Home The SciTech week comprises various hackathons, technical quizzes, talks , week long events and short time events. This document further describes everything in detail.

Deep Space Treasure hunt

Its a fun filled 24hrs of you trying to decode some interesting Astronomical objects from the clues we provide you, all at once, in a document. This also includes fascinating web telescope huntings.


Droneathon :

Propose innovative and feasible ideas for application of drones including ,1. problem you are addressing and Target audience,2. Description of your idea including functionality,3. inspiration for the idea.


Robotix Toycathon

To create an Electronic Toy based on the mechanism of Robotics that helps to Identify the obstacles and alarms the signal to the person

Coding Competition:

This is a competitive programming contest, with questions of varying difficulty. Solve as many problems as you can within the contest duration. The problems will be algorithmic in nature, for which you have to write code, and submit in the online judge.


AIMS Clone:

Here's your opportunity to craft an alternative academic management system for IITH. You will be expected to achieve feature parity with AIMS and improve on many of its shortcomings.


Don your detective hats and get your keyboard ready - this event will require you to use your command-line skills to solve a murder. A thorough understanding of *NIX CLI tools will serve you well in this endeavour."

IoT based Problem Statement:

A IoT problem provided by CRIOT, which includes designing architecture and analysing real life data from various sensors.


Capture the Flag (CTF):

Participants will be asked to solve and find flags on a server /website by solving problems related to info security


Machine Learning Competition:

Here is where you can show off your Data analysis, machine learning skills. This will also be a week-long event comprising 2-3 real world problem statements related to broad areas like computer vision, NLP.


AUTO-CAD Competition:

Come up with the 3d models of the given problem statement in the least time possible.


Propose an idea that would be sustainable in the given domains. You could give a completely theoretical idea too,but then will have to very briefly explain how it could be implemented properly.